In Other News

hey, Vanessa Hudgens, you’ve officially made me a bit peeved today.

after you frolicked around Coachella in Victoria’s Secret pajamas (I had this confirmed by one of the CollegeCandy editors), posed all stoned out with your friends, dropped some molly and even POSED for photos; you decided to get mad at the paparazzi for photographing you at the gym while you worked out in front of huge glass windows. there are solutions: go to the back, or request a different class, or FIND A PRIVATE GYM, or HIRE A PRIVATE TRAINER since, you know, you’re rich and famous and can do that.

i would be weirded out if these were like cell phone shots or something, but instead, you absolutely love all the attention you got this weekend, just to get all moody this day. pick a stance, stick with it and deal with the consequences of being a celebrity.